De-clutter Your Life

De-clutter your life

You know, there’s all sorts of clutter. Sometimes it’s an overstuffed kitchen drawer. Or the perennial favorite — the garage. It could be a relationship, or it could be your schedule. What’s cluttering your life, or, how did you unclutter it? You can become more intentional in just 30 days! Sign up for Dr. Randy’s […]

When Do You Feel Most Loved by Your Spouse?


In Dr. Randy’s book, Starved for Affection, he states that affection is the feeling side of love. So his question today: When do you feel most loved by your spouse? Here’s an InTENtionals Inspiration You can talk to Dr. Randy at 1-888-888-1717, on Facebook, or on Twitter. You can become more intentional in just 30 […]

How to Climb Out of a Hole

Are you in in some sort of pit, or some sort of rut? Maybe you’re in a dead-end job, or you’re depressed, or just plain stuck.

Kids & Tech

Kids and Tech

When kids were being affected by tech, it was usually because they spent w-a-a-y too much time playing
a video game.